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A Collection of Facial and Nose Masks
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Facial and Nose Masks

Rice CV Element Whitening and Pock-Removing Face Mask Magic Stick

Deeply pock-removing: invigorate the circulation of blood, absorb clots, dredge micro-circulation, as well as remove a variety of dermal pocks (dark and light spots, fleck,chloasma), turning your coarse skin into white and tendet with rich flexibility and luster.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Sheep Placenta Fruit Juice

Rapidly penetrate into skin and provide ample nutrition, leaving the skin tender, smooth and elastic. The vitamins can acceleratemetabolism of cells, expel toxins inside the body and effectively removevarious spots and acnes.
Price : RM4 per sachet

Sheep Placenta Extract Skin Beautifying Essential Mask

Whiten, moisturize and revitalize skin to give youthful expression to the face. Perfect enjoyment of skin texture, leaving skin refreshed and free after use. Reduce excessive grease secretion and moisturize dry, cracked, desquamated skin due to air-conditioning or heating.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Fresh Milk Element Tender, Hydrating and Whitening Facial Mask

Removing wrinkle and making it smooth and flexible; Apparently removing wrinkle, line crack, activate regeneration of skin, supply with water, moisten it and make it smooth and flexible.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Honey Deep Glowing Facial Mask

Contains a great amount of amino acid, enzyme, vitamins and sugar which can be easily absorbed by the body. Good for skin nourishing and protecting.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Glossy Ganoderma & Edible Bird Nest Face Beautifying Mask

Promotes cell regeneration, resist obese fat cells, reduce fat that affects facial profile. The special formulated 'ionic essence' moisturizing nutrient makes this product mild in nature, refreshing and tightening.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Egg White Purifying Mask

Contains 18 amino acids that can produce adhesive substance for connective tissues, keep skin firm nad elastic. Provides rich moisturizing factor and skin renewal.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Wild Chrysanthemum Whitening & Glowing Facial Mask

Skin cleaning and detoxifying: contains the 'broad-spectrum antibiotic' - strong inhibitory against most skin fungi, promotes blood circulation and clear out heat and toxins.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Bird's Nest Whitening & Beautifying Facial Mask

Offers all around whitening to eliminateskin dullness, create highly transparent skin. Contains a variety of vitamin essences and bird's nest raw liquid that prevent melanin deposition. Efficient moisturizing action can thoroughly improve skin dryness leaving the skin white and more lustrous.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Aloe Vera Facial Mask

Resists inflammation, kills bacteria, tranquilize and appease nerves. Diminishes, prevents and cures allergy, reddening, swelling of alergic skin. The natural moisturizing factor intensively moisturize, whiten and smoothen dry skin.
PRICE : RM4 per sachet

Cattle Milk Whitening Nose Mask

Enriched with milk extract that contains protien and multiple vitamins, minerals and plentiful nutrients to prevent skin dryness and aging, leaving skin lustrous, promotes skin metabolism, protect the integrity of skin and mucous membrane, astringe skin, eliminate wrinkles on the skin and leave the skin fresh, cool, nourished and smooth.
PRICE : RM10 per box (each box contains 10 pieces)

Note : - highly recommended


All items sold are non-refundable.

All payments are to be made via Maybank account.

Maybank Account : 164351082769
Name : Mohd Zam Fitri Bin Zahari

Customers are required to provide the transaction/reference number as a proof of payment.

All purchases will be delivered within 5 working days.

- Delivery Charge of RM5 for Peninsular Malaysia.
- Delivery Charge of RM7 for Sabah & Sarawak.

Delivery will only be made upon payment received.

Order Details
For every order, please provide the followings:

1) Name
2) Mailing Address
3) Contact Number
4) Product Code and Name

All orders or any enquiry can be emailed to icanbepretty@gmail.com or call Fitri at 014-6452690.


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